About Us

Welcome to Oxted Ladies Run Club, we are a friendly, sociable group of ladies with a varied range of running abilities and age.

The group was founded and is organised by Emma Brockwell who is no Paula Radcliffe but knows a little about running having completed a few half and full marathons. She is also a mum of two,  gained her Run Together (formerly Run England) leadership in running and is a Women’s Health Physiotherapist, member of CSP, HCPC, PPG and POGP.

We welcome runners of all levels from beginners to elite and would love for you to join us. If you are looking to start running and want to commence a couch to 5k or if you are a seasoned runner but once a week fancy something a little more sociable then we are the group you are looking for. Our runs will normally take between 45-60 minutes and we like to grab a coffee afterwards at Toast Oxted, where, if you flash your membership card you will get 10% off all food and drink (see join us). 

If you are less than six months post baby, have a diastasis recti, prolapse or urinary incontinence then we do not allow you to run until you have seen a women’s health physiotherapist. This can be either me (www.physiomum.co.uk) or another reputable women’s health physiotherapist.

If for any reason you can not run then we do have a walking group that walk a shorter route, so if you feel you are not ready to run yet but want to build up with power walks first then we would love to meet you.

If you fancy joining our lovely group then we will be at the notice board on Master Park, Oxted ready to set off at 7.30am every Saturday.

We now also have a Tuesday morning training session that runs from 6.15am- 7am for any of our runners keen to improve their running technique. Contact Emma here to find out more.

We look forward to seeing you!

Join us at Master Park, Oxted