Walk to Run Course 2018

“But I’m not a runner!”

Our gorgeous run leader and PT, Amanda Hewett (SHE Active Health & Fitness) will be starting a WALK TO RUN course from Sat 20th October 2018 for 6 weeks.

The course will be an hour each week at Masters Park from 7.30am, costing £42.

Please message amanda.sheactive@gmail.com if you’re interested, and you CAN be a confident runner in six weeks!





Fit to Run


I (Emma) am very excited to announce that I have been very fortunate to team up with the amazing Alix Hubble, specialist pre and postnatal fitness professional and founder of Chickfit, to bring you our Fit to Run Course.

The purpose of the course is to take you from zero to 5k over the course of eight weeks in the safest and most effective way possible. It’s particularly suitable for Mums who want to return to running after having a baby (even if its been a few years!) as we’ll be giving you tonnes of support, including:

  • A weekly running (or walk to run) session led by me (Saturday mornings in Oxted), which will include some core and strength work to support your running.
  • Weekly homework to help you safely build up your running, including videos to do at home to build flexibility, core strength and general fitness.
  • A private Facebook group where we’ll be able to support, encourage, motivate and advise throughout the course.
  • Nutrition advice and challenges.

All in all, its the perfect way to get into your running groove and if it appeals join Oxted Ladies Running Club on completion to maintain that running streak!

The course will be starting in autumn 2016, please drop me a message via Facebook or email physiomum@hotmail.co.uk if you are interested. Watch this space however for further information.