Nutrition talk with Helen Moynihan

Finding the right fuel is possibly the hardest part of staying fit – would you agree? 

Clean eating has become a bit of a mind field with the internet full of information, and knowing what the right foods are and when to eat them can be totally confusing. 

So thanks to our group leader Emma Brockwell we were all invited to a talk by Venus Nutrition (Nutritional Therapist Helen Moynihan), to hear about how we should be fuelling our bodies. 

It’s surprising how often we get it wrong, and how as women we shy away from high protein foods because we think it will make us ‘too bulky’, likewise we are more inclined to head to the comfort of carbs than men. 

Helen talked about how to eat to lose weight, and how to eat to maintain it, she also offered advice on fuelling for runs – did you know that if you only do 60 minutes of exercise you don’t actually need to be eating any more carbs than usual?

There goes pre Saturday morning run pizza night then! 

If you’d like to find out more about Helen’s work please visit her website.

Also special thanks to ToasT Oxted for hosting us all! 

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