The Brighton Half Marathon

All aboard the half marathon train… because this month THREE of our ladies competed the Brighton Half and one of them was our club founder – Emma Brockwell!

Here’s what Emma had to say:

This was my fourth half marathon (in addition to two marathons), but this was my first half as a mum.

(Emma and Suz at the starting line)

It’s been hard to fit training around the busy schedule of being a working mum, but having the group to run with is the one thing that has kept me going!

One and half weeks before the half I subluxed a rib and had tonsillitis… it was literally the worst timing and I nearly pulled out but having the club behind me was all I needed to get through it.

I knew so long as I didn’t push myself too hard I could complete this half and with the support of the Oxted Ladies Run Club, and club members Suz snd Nichola who ran with me, I did just that.

(Nichola with her medal)

On the day the sun was shining but it was FREEZING cold, despite that, the atmosphere was electric!

Suz and Nichola completed the Brighton Half with PBs – both with times well under 1 hour 50! I couldn’t have asked for anything more than that – I was so proud of them I could cry.

(Emma and Suz with their medals)

No PB for me (as expected due to my illness) but I still got around in under 2 hours – and that’s thanks to the girls who encouraged me every step of the way!

Emma added that she’s looking forward to the next challenge with the club, and once again thanked all our fabulous girls for their huge amount of support.


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