It’s a hashtag you’ll find across all the social media channels: #MondayMotivation.

Social media influencers, sports clubs and pretty much anyone in general uses it. But what motivates you to run?

Is it purely to keep fit? The love of being outdoors no matter what the weather? The personal challenges you can set? The love of race day and being a part of something? Or simply just to make friends?

For Oxted Ladies Run Club it’s all of the above! Some of us enter races regularly, from 10ks to half marathons and full marathons, some of us used to, some of us never have… and some of us don’t even feel the need to run – that’s what the walker’s group is for!

Whatever your motivation, you’ll never get there without a great group of friends by your side, which is why we’re all thankful for this fantastic community built by our very own Mrs Motivator – Emma Brockwell.

There’s no competition, no stress, no pressure – just a gang of women who love to get out the house and explore the Surrey Hills whilst having a good old natter.

And if you get to keep fit too – excellent – that was certainly the motivation for the umpteenth bottle of wine at our Christmas party this weekend!

So if you know someone who’s new to Oxted and wants to make new friends, get them to Master Park 7.30am Saturday morning and come say hi to us!

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