Nicky Chamberlain

A great week of PBs for OLRC

We’ve got some fab news from our runners this week!

Rosie completed the Caterham Rotary 5k in 29 minutes and 45 seconds, a great accomplishment for her, because when she joined our club she couldn’t even run 5k!


And Rebecca completed the Woldingham Mad March Hare 10k in 53 minutes!


Great work ladies! 👏🏼

Here’s to British Summer Time!


The clocks go forward this weekend marking the official start of British Summer Time (not that you could believe it given the weather we’ve had lately.)

At 1am on Sunday the clocks will go forward, and yes that means you lose an hour’s sleep (boooo), but it also means sunnier evenings – so no excuse to miss out on your evening runs!

Plus what’s even better is that we get to experience a few more sunrises when we get up for our morning Saturday runs – fantastic.

If you’re interested in joining us then visit the join us section of our website to find out more.

The Brighton Half Marathon

All aboard the half marathon train… because this month THREE of our ladies competed the Brighton Half and one of them was our club founder – Emma Brockwell!

Here’s what Emma had to say:

This was my fourth half marathon (in addition to two marathons), but this was my first half as a mum.

(Emma and Suz at the starting line)

It’s been hard to fit training around the busy schedule of being a working mum, but having the group to run with is the one thing that has kept me going!

One and half weeks before the half I subluxed a rib and had tonsillitis… it was literally the worst timing and I nearly pulled out but having the club behind me was all I needed to get through it.

I knew so long as I didn’t push myself too hard I could complete this half and with the support of the Oxted Ladies Run Club, and club members Suz snd Nichola who ran with me, I did just that.

(Nichola with her medal)

On the day the sun was shining but it was FREEZING cold, despite that, the atmosphere was electric!

Suz and Nichola completed the Brighton Half with PBs – both with times well under 1 hour 50! I couldn’t have asked for anything more than that – I was so proud of them I could cry.

(Emma and Suz with their medals)

No PB for me (as expected due to my illness) but I still got around in under 2 hours – and that’s thanks to the girls who encouraged me every step of the way!

Emma added that she’s looking forward to the next challenge with the club, and once again thanked all our fabulous girls for their huge amount of support.


Claire runs the London Winter Run

We’re so proud of our Claire for completing the Winter Run 10k this weekend – her first EVER 10k!

The Cancer Research London Winter Run takes a scenic route around all of London’s greatest landmarks, and other than the Royal Parks half marathon and the London Marathon, is probably the only opportunity to do so on a run!

Claire completed her run with a time of 1:22:45 and she couldn’t have been more thrilled: “It went really well, though I’m a bit sore today!”

Well done Claire! 👏🏼

New year, new you!

It’s January, and if you’re anything like us then you’ve spent the entire Christmas break enjoying great food, drinking a fair bit of festive booze, and sitting on your sofa watching way more television than you’d usually care to!

Are you feeling like you could use some motivation? Want to work out but need someone to get you off the sofa? Are you looking for a cheap way to get fit, and maybe make some friends at the same time too?

Then the Oxted Ladies Run Club is the club for YOU!

Every Saturday morning, come rain, wind or shine, we meet at the notice board at 7.30am at Master Park.

And the best bit? You don’t even need to be a runner to join – we have a walking group too!

You can come and join us three times for free before joining, and if you do want to join, it’s only £20 membership for the year

So what do you get for your £20?

*A weekly run, walk or jog with a fantastic group of people

*Walk to run training courses at no added cost

*Half marathon and marathon training (when we sign up to events as a group) at no extra cost

*Free advice on the best yoga stretches for runners in digital format through our private Facebook group from EmPower Yoga during the winter, and free yoga classes post runs in the park during in the summer

*Support from England Athletics accredited Leaders in Running Fitness

*Help and advice from our group founder PhysioMum, an expert in women’s fitness

*10% off at ToasT Oxted

Why, and we ask that again, WHY? would you choose any other running club but this one?!

For more information visit our Join Us page.

Come train with us!

Entered the Brighton Half Marathon and need a little help with your training?

Want expert advice on strength training, flexibility, and a group of women to join on those long boring training runs?

Then come join us!

From 9th December we’ll be offering a training plan for anyone already signed up to the Brighton Half.

Our group founder and leader Emma Brockwell (pictured centre above), a Physiotherapist who specialises in women’s health will be leading a 12 week training programme which includes:

  • A training schedule
  • The long run every week (from the schedule) can be completed with Emma and any other challenger on a Saturday morning at the same time as the rest of the club meets
  • Every Wednesday between 7-8pm Emma will be on the Facebook group page to answer any injury or training questions
  • You’ll also get support from Emily (pictured below), one of our run leaders who is a yoga teacher in training, on the best stretches for runners and how to improve flexibility

And all you need to do to be a part of this is to be a member of our club.

And guess what? That’s only £20 a year!

For £20 a year you get to join this non profit organisation, make friends, keep fit, get 10% off at ToasT OxTed, a half marathon training plan and people to train with!

What are you waiting for?!


It’s a hashtag you’ll find across all the social media channels: #MondayMotivation.

Social media influencers, sports clubs and pretty much anyone in general uses it. But what motivates you to run?

Is it purely to keep fit? The love of being outdoors no matter what the weather? The personal challenges you can set? The love of race day and being a part of something? Or simply just to make friends?

For Oxted Ladies Run Club it’s all of the above! Some of us enter races regularly, from 10ks to half marathons and full marathons, some of us used to, some of us never have… and some of us don’t even feel the need to run – that’s what the walker’s group is for!

Whatever your motivation, you’ll never get there without a great group of friends by your side, which is why we’re all thankful for this fantastic community built by our very own Mrs Motivator – Emma Brockwell.

There’s no competition, no stress, no pressure – just a gang of women who love to get out the house and explore the Surrey Hills whilst having a good old natter.

And if you get to keep fit too – excellent – that was certainly the motivation for the umpteenth bottle of wine at our Christmas party this weekend!

So if you know someone who’s new to Oxted and wants to make new friends, get them to Master Park 7.30am Saturday morning and come say hi to us!

Let’s get digital!

The Oxted Ladies Run Club is more than just a club to us, it’s a community, and that’s why it’s important to build this community online.

Through blog posts and social media we can share achievements, give praise, and support each other on our fitness and wellbeing journeys.

We can build awareness around our group, showcase what we do, and encourage others to join the club.

We can also use the information we post online to learn from each other, gather inspiration, and build relationships with other groups, fitness leaders and events; extending our community far beyond the people who run on a Saturday morning.

Plus, if you’re not able to run one week you can still see what we got up to so you don’t feel left out!

So please follow us and find out more about who we are and what we do!




Nutrition talk with Helen Moynihan

Finding the right fuel is possibly the hardest part of staying fit – would you agree? 

Clean eating has become a bit of a mind field with the internet full of information, and knowing what the right foods are and when to eat them can be totally confusing. 

So thanks to our group leader Emma Brockwell we were all invited to a talk by Venus Nutrition (Nutritional Therapist Helen Moynihan), to hear about how we should be fuelling our bodies. 

It’s surprising how often we get it wrong, and how as women we shy away from high protein foods because we think it will make us ‘too bulky’, likewise we are more inclined to head to the comfort of carbs than men. 

Helen talked about how to eat to lose weight, and how to eat to maintain it, she also offered advice on fuelling for runs – did you know that if you only do 60 minutes of exercise you don’t actually need to be eating any more carbs than usual?

There goes pre Saturday morning run pizza night then! 

If you’d like to find out more about Helen’s work please visit her website.

Also special thanks to ToasT Oxted for hosting us all! 

The Titsey 10k

Congratulations to Kate, Gemma and Lindsay who completed the Titsey 10k this weekend!

The event, organised by the Oxted Runners, is a scenic trail run through the Titsey Estate woodlands on Limpsfield Chart.

Due to some unfortunately placed rain this weekend it meant the course was very muddy but our girls battled on to complete the uphill downhill trail course celebrating with some beers at the finish line!

Great work ladies!